Chance Of A Lifetime Series

Book 3

Winning the lottery is the biggest ticket to freedom Greer Hawthorne's ever had. Until her best friend’s brother comes to town . . .

Greer Hawthorne’s winning lottery ticket doesn’t just bring her wealth, it also means her chance at a long-postponed education. She’s finally on the cusp of proving to her big, overprotective family that she’s independent—until a careless mistake jeopardizes her plan to graduate. Lucky for her, there’s someone in town who may be able to help . . .

Alex Averin plans to show up for his sister’s wedding, then quickly get back to his job as a world-renowned photojournalist. But when gorgeous, good-hearted Greer needs an assist with a photography project, he’s powerless to say no. Showing Greer his professional passion ignites a new one, and rouses instincts in Alex he thought he’d long set aside.

Can a ceaseless wanderer find a stopping place alongside a woman determined to set out on her own . . . or are Alex and Greer both pushing their luck too far?

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"Clayborn is a thoughtful, talented writer with a gift for complex characters and individual arcs...the relationship that slowly builds between the two is breathtaking."

"Ms. Clayborn brilliantly maneuvers the pair into each other’s orbit and everything about their relationship feels natural, right and wonderful....I laughed, I cried, I sighed. And then I read it again and laughed, cried and sighed all over again. It’s a tremendous conclusion to an already terrific series."
All About Romance

"...Warm and intelligent, and the romance between Alex and Greer is beautifully done."