Chance Of A Lifetime series

Luck Has A Way Of Being Unpredictable – A Lot Like Love.

A funny, sexy new series about three friends who impulsively buy a lottery ticket, never suspecting the many ways their lives will change—
or that for each of them, love will be the biggest win of them all.

beginner's luck

Well paced, conscientiously plotted and effortlessly charming, this is very nearly a perfect romance... This book is stunning from the get-­go, and it never disappoints even as it speeds to a very satisfying conclusion.
RT Book Reviews, 5 Star Gold, November 2017 Seal Of Excellence Winner

luck of the draw

Zoe is a remarkable lead: tough, vulnerable and self-aware. Aiden is equally compelling; his inscrutable surface hides a cacophony of feeling. Watching them grow to need one another is a masterclass in the genre...In short, this is a perfect romance, born of tragedy and guilt, and flourishing in love and forgiveness.
RT Book Reviews, 5 STAR GOLD